A Simple Life, A Quiet Mind

by Native Wildlife

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released September 10, 2013

Native Wildlife is:
Nick Osborne
Shane Williams
John Snyder
Adam Szulczewski
Steve Massaroni

Music and Lyrics by Native Wildlife
Special thanks to our good friends Dave Vitola of deathdealer. (Track 6) and William James (Track 8) for their guest appearances.

Produced by Native Wildlife and Alex Garcia-Rivera
Recorded and mixed on 2" tape by Alex Garcia-Rivera at Mystic Valley Recording Studio (Medford, MA)
Mastered by Jay Maas at Getaway Studios (Haverhill, MA)

Artwork by Erik Rojas (www.erikrojasvisual.com)




Native Wildlife Connecticut


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Track Name: An Ending
(A Simple Life, A Quiet Mind)
Track Name: Invocation
(A Man and His Muse)

I’m not in this place, I’m far away. And though you see me here, this form is just a shade. No more than words or wind, I’m ethereal, incorporeal, fading.

You’re not in that place, that brick and wooden cage. Under dim skies, in distant twilight. No, you’re not in that place. In harsh snowfall, across black ice.

No neither you nor I. So when I say I’m right there beside you, that’s no empty comfort. No, I mean every word I say.

Sing to me. Sing to me of Men and rage, war and holy things! Muse, sing to me. Sing! And sing despair. If you sing anything, sing despair.
Track Name: Obsession
Plain walls.

I've been down here in the dark too long, looking for beasts.
I am become one, I can't find peace.

You're never gonna find me, not from where you are.
You're never gonna save me, not from where you are.
Track Name: Progeny
(Second Chances, Vicarious or Otherwise)

Everything I’m not is everything you are, or could be in time. God willing.
Unmarred by time, or circumstance, you wear your potential like a golden raiment, beautiful but burdensome, that I cast aside long years ago.

Someday I’d need you as you need me now.
But what chances have I, what have you?
I hope someday you can finally understand.
Track Name: Nomad
(A Study on the Effects of Daily Eulogy on the Human Mind)
Track Name: Legacy
(A Translation of Martial X:47)

How can it be so hard to live a simple life, to have a quiet mind? But who has ever found a peaceful enterprise, those things which blessed are?

Wealth not labored for
Rich home and warm hearth
Carefree sober nights
Wise simplicity

And yet it’s so damn hard to live a simple life. I have not quiet mind nor peaceful enterprise. And in this subtle way, we honor every man and each one yet to come.

Maybe its only clear looking back at a life once lived. No grace seen firsthand, but lingering on. Maybe these moments all collect to form meaning. Like stones in a bridge, like voices in choir.

Maybe it's all a lie.

Wealth not labored for
Rich home and warm hearth
Careless sober nights
Wise simplicity
Not fearing your last day
Not urging it on
Track Name: Unhallowing
(Closed Doors at an East Boston Home)

What savages are we, to not see what we've done to this sacred place? This house of healing, this place of mourning; how many lives passed through its gates? How many families were comforted in its sweet embrace?

Now the building stands empty, reduced to the bricks that make up the walls. The offering emptied, the furniture stolen or given away. We sealed its fate in a single day. Then went out to drink to our callous hearts and careless mistakes.

We washed our hands of it, casting no second thoughts to the unhallowing of this no-longer-sacred ground.
Track Name: Most Times
(My Father's Second Most Important Lesson)

[Introduction: Strange Language by William James]

We've lived, had hope, taken your words to heart, and tried to do right by you. Its easy to forgive now that I see your intention, now that I feel that same burning thats plagued you.

But I won't forget. But I can’t forget. No, I can't forget that as your blood boiled, we swallowed the flame. We bore the brunt of it.

You were shaking in bed, coming down from the morphine, when I realized what kind of man you were. Never home at night, days spent in strife. You were killing yourself to keep us alive.

I'll try to remember.
I want to beat this.
I'll try to remember.
I wanna find tranquility.
I'll try to remember.
When the world is coming down, I'll try to remember.

Deep breath.

These are embers, not a fire.
Theres nothing worth kindling that blaze.
Deep breath, now remember.
These are embers, not a fire.
Not a fire.