Summer 2014 Tour Split

by Native Wildlife

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Originally released on exclusive CDs for the Summer 2014 Native Wildlife/Deathdealer tour.


released May 29, 2014

All tracks recorded and mixed by Mike Moschetto at The Office Recording in North Andover, MA.

Tracks 1, 2, and 3 mastered by Mike Moschetto. Track 4 mastered by Nick Steinborn.

Additional vocals on "Science Fiction" were performed by Mike Rak and recorded by Ian Bates at The Manor.

Additional vocals on "Death Metal for the Teenage Soul" were performed by Greg Cook and recorded at The Little Boiz Playroom :)



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Track Name: Creation Myth
I still see you just around corners, in my periphery, in the delirium before waking up. I’ve been gaslighted by my very mind, to think I was once held down by a dying spirit gripping my chest.
There’s a part inside of me that once lit up, but the fuse is blown. Or maybe I followed an unreliable narrator.
This world is forever cold, and I have no light and no shelter.
Again I caught myself surrendering to the wrong demands, falling for the plaintive cry of that wasting shell. The remains of this legacy steal me from sleep and they drag my body along the side of the road. My skin is burning. You'll find the rest of me spread out a few miles back.

The words that comfort me have failed. Their misdirection was my home.
Half-truths and all the losses they entail have left me all alone.
Track Name: Science Fiction
Every arrogant man claims an answer to happiness, to sort through them all would take a lifetime. After all has been said, I'm still scared to be content. To be happy where I am feels like a passive death. I know nothing of what happens, and I've refused to accept that I will never figure it out.

I am pathetic. I am a fallible vessel. I will become dust long before the answer is known.

We are stuck inside of the waste left behind by our fathers.

Don't listen too closely—this pain stabs infrequently. I go through most days with fragile optimism, trying to stitch together the scraps of my perception. I only hope we might one day cast away our tiny origins and seek out the truth.

An idea that will heal the pain, words too beautiful to hold. My greatest sadness is I will never see it through. I must confront that we are alone, and that the lies forced upon our youth will never come.